6 Models to Take Your NLP & Coaching to the Next Level

Want to go beyond the original NLP Models?  Here are 6 Neuro-Semantic models that will greatly expand your capabilities as a NLP Practitioner and Coach!

Model #1: The Meta-States Model – For Unconscious Communication

Beyond the traditional communication model of NLP, the Meta-States model opens us to much more accurately track and transform the higher levels of mind, belief systems, inner dialogue, and all of the meta levels of the mind in a systemic and organized manner.

Acknowledged by INLPTA in 1995 as “the most significant contribution to NLP”, the Meta-States model gives us the ability to track back from someone’s behavior and representations up to the layers and layers of thoughts in the back of the mind that govern that experience all the way back down to our resulting behavior.

For deeper reading on the Meta-States Model and its applications, check out our other Perception Academy resources or click and read the definitive book Meta-States below:

Model #2: The Axes of Change Model – For Change & Learning

The Axis of Change incorporates the four key mechanisms for generative change – Motivation, Decision, Creation and Solidification. Not only does it create a structured framework for coaching conversations, but it will make your blind spots as a practitioner blatantly obvious and give you a clear path to expand your personal growth, coaching, and communication skills.

Designed for generative change, the Axes of Change Model results in change that is sustainable without the resistance and relapse features that characterise many other models designed for more remedial change.

This model dramatically transformed the way that I do coaching and is a powerful change model that I use in my sales process as well as to enhance all of my other NLP techniques.

For deeper reading on the Axes of Change Model and its applications,check out our other Perception Academy resources or click, purchase, and read the book Coaching Change:

Model #3: The Benchmarking Model – For Measurement & Implementation

By its nature subjective experience is…. well…. subjective!

Would you like to learn a model that you can use to make intangible experiences more objective and measurable?

At its core the Neuro-Semantic Benchmarking model is based upon the ability to use the Meta-Model and to denominalize terms back down to their sensory based referents – but it takes this process so much farther.

In fact, this art has been refined over and over again in each competency based Meta-Coach Certification Training.

The practice of Neuro-Semantic benchmarking has massively transformed my ability to stretch my global-detail & intuitor-sensor meta-programs with truly life changing consequences.

Applying this model allows us to take our outcomes and goals, values, skills and experiences and make them measurable so we can better track the growth, learning and development of ourselves and those whom we work with

For deeper reading on the Benchmarking Model and its applications, click and read the book below:

Model #4:  The Self-Actualization Quadrants – For Self-Actualization

If you know me at all you know that in my opinion — Self-Actualization is the highest frame within which to practice NLP, Coaching, and Neuro-Semantics.  Self-Actualization is the larger frame from in which we can check the ecology of any system or change, and when we focus on unleashing the highest and best of ourselves and our clients everything else falls into place.

For deeper reading on the game-changing Self-Actualization Models of Neuro-Semantics and their applications, check out the book below:

Model #5: The Matrix Model – For Systemic Thinking

The Matrix Model is designed as a systems model for thinking and working systemically with people, groups and organizations.  In Neuro-Semantics we use the Matrix Model for working with the multiple layers of meaning frames that create and describe the client’s world so that we can “follow the energy through the system”.

Starting with any external event, the matrix model allows us to track the process of embodying that information, processing that information, metabolizing that information into energy and embodying it into the state from which our behaviours flow out of.

We use the Matrix Model and it’s 7 matrices as a template for gathering and sorting information, for profiling, modeling, and working with the systemic complexity of human experience.

For deeper reading on the Matrix Model and its applications, check out the book below:

Model #6: The Facilitation Model – For Facilitating Change

When you coach/communicate with others (or yourself) do you tend to be too soft, empathetic and supportive?

Or perhaps you fall on the other side of the spectrum overly pushing and challenging in your communications…

The Neuro-Semantic Facilitation Model organizes the 7 core skills of Coaching/Communication onto the Meaning and Performance Axes so we can stretch ourselves as facilitators and take ourselves to the next level as agents of change.

Not only that, but it ‘facilitates’ you to find your perfect balance between being ruthlessly challenging and compassionately supportive.

When I first discovered this model I (like many other coaches) tended to be overly supportive in my coaching to the detriment of my clients.  Now I have the permission, capability, and experience of challenging my clients to take action and to stretch which has had dramatic effects in their (as well as my own) performance.

For deeper reading on the Facilitation Model and the Meta-Coaching System, click and read the book below:

These models (and books) have helped myself, my colleagues, and my clients take their NLP, Personal Development & Coaching to the next level so each and every book & model above comes highly recommended me.

I know it is a lot so here is my advice — pick the one book that resonates with you the most and get started there!

If you have any questions or would like to accelerate your journey, contact us!

I am here to support you.

To your ongoing learning and development,

Jason Schneider

Founder of Perception Academy

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