A Simple Process to Bring More Meaning into Your Life and Business

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your meanings, so if you want to live a high quality life you better be choosing some high quality meanings to guide your behavior!

Here is a simple process I use to bring more meaning into my life and business.

The process below is simple, but don’t underestimate it as it is highly effective.

If you practice this on a regular basis you will definitely notice a difference in your experience of the world.

No longer do you have to be determined by the way of looking at the world that you have been operating from automatically.  Now you can choose a different perception.

The Process

1. Check your state

What state are you in right now?  Where would that fit on the right side of the chart?  Is is highly resourceful and even ecstatic? Is it neutral? Is it unresourceful or even toxic?


2. Quality control what is going on in your mind based on the scale above.

What is going on in your mind that is causing you to feel that way?  There is someone else in the world who responds differently than you, so the difference is in how you think about it!

3. Generate 3-7 alternative meanings based on the higher spectrum of the scale

Generate as many different ways of looking at the situation as you can!  The more meanings the better!  What is a more resourceful way of looking at this situation?  How could this situation even be looked at as sacred?

4. Choose the one that serves you best

Choose a more resourceful way of looking at the situation and notice how, when you look at it that way, you feel different about it!

5. Imaginatively adopt this as your frame of reference out into the future

How do you like this as your new way of thinking?  Is this a better choice than how you were thinking previously? Do you like this? Do you want to keep this?



This is a simple process that I use on a regular basis to upgrade my thoughts and when you implement this you will notice a positive shift in your experience of the world as well as an increase in personal power.

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For another resource you might find this video on belief change valuable.

Also I go more in depth on this in day 4 of my Secrets of a Perception Wizard article series.

To creating a more meaningful life,

Jason Schneider

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