Who is Jason Schneider?

Jason Schneider

Licensed Neuro-Semantic NLP Trainer

Since 2010, I have been in the business of coaching and training those interested in Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Coaching to develop along their mastery pathway.

My specialties are Training, Mentoring, Coaching & Consulting people interested in NLP, experienced NLPers (regardless of their level) & Coaches in their skill development & along their own self-actualization pathway.

I train & coach others to work in a way that is authentic, natural, and holding the higher frame of coaching Self-Actualization in oneself and others.

This includes applying your tools to yourself first, building a strong foundation in the essential NLP/Communication skills, integrating the seemingly separate models of NLP/Coaching, emphasizing the higher levels of mind, practicing what you preach and continually developing towards your highest and best as a practitioner and as a person.

I also consult with coaches & practitioners of various disciplines to take themselves and their skills to the next level, without needing to fully learn NLP, but just to integrate the few pieces that will take their skill set to the next level.

Clients work with me to develop as Coaches & Neuro-Linguistic Programmers so that they can experience higher levels of skill, confidence, congruence & authenticity within their lives and become more masterful in their work with others.

  • Jason Schneider is an amazing communicator.  His charm coupled with his valuable NLP knowledge, and admirable life experience truly places Jason in an authentic position to help make a difference in people's lives.
    Name Claudia Figueredo Owner/President Action Public Relations & NLP Practitioner

My Mission & Values

My mission is to facilitate students of NLP & Coaches to operate at their highest level of skill, authenticity, and personal congruency.

Through my coaching, training, mentoring & consulting I aim to empower every coach, practitioner & person to bring more fulfillment in their own lives and to live more congruently & authentically.  I facilitate them as they develop to higher levels of skill, unleash the highest version of themselves, & live aligned with their vision, mission, & values.

The values that inspire me are placing being before doing, people before processes, understanding before influence, experiential knowledge over conceptual knowledge, conscious-unconscious integration over unconscious installation, giving credit before taking credit, self-actualization over quick transformation, and applying to oneself before applying to others. Of course I encourage my audience to do the same.

  • "If you don't know Jason Schneider I recommend spending some time with him. Like a perfect combination between Yoda and The Dude, his relaxed, chill demeanor is deceiving when you learn how skilled he is as an NLP master."

    Name Jason Stein Business Coach at

How I'm Unique

I excel in helping Coaches, Trainers, & Practitioners grow beyond their present level.  If you are a service provider who helps clients in their personal growth, I can help you develop within your craft as well as accelerate your personal pathway towards self-actualization.

  • I offer the majority of my online NLP training content absolutely free.
  • I work with the NLP models as systemic & holistic rather than as a grab bag of tricks.
  • Rather than just focusing on ‘change’ I bring the NLP focus back to experientially modeling excellence which actually leads to higher quality change and transformation.
  • Beyond just Outcome Achievement I focus on Self-Actualization as the highest outcome.
  • I go beyond the traditional NLP content and integrate the additional models & skills from the field of Neuro-Semantics in trainings and my work.
  • I only share from personal experience (I apply this stuff in my own life) and demonstrate what I am teaching in front of my clients rather than repeating stories from previous generations of NLP trainers.

I genuinely care about you, your results, your growth and the larger systems of people that you interact with as the effects of your work ripple out. If I can do this, you can do this and I do my best to bring my authenticity, caring, passion, and support to my clients.

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My Mastery Pathway

I am familiar with all stages of developing into an authentically powerful person, practitioner, & coach

The first time I listened to a NLP audio I immediately knew that NLP was something I had been searching for my whole life.  I had a vision of becoming an amazing transformational wizard who could help people overcome their difficulties with just a few well chosen sentences & gestures. 

I picked up some of the early books and started reading.  Occasionally I would practice what I was reading on others, often unsuccessfully. Overwhelmed by the loads of information out there I just kept reading and reading whatever I could get my hands on.  A lot of this material that was outdated or ineffective, I modeled practices that were not aligned with my values, I made a lot of unnecessary mistakes, and I struggled to find my own way.  This chapter of my journey was long, hard, and quite lonely. 

  • “It is so much easier to see the shifts needed in others than to see it in oneself, even for a therapist. Jason’s gifts gave me the opportunity to make the necessary changes that has brought the magic back into my life.”
    Name Lisa Lemke Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

The first time someone suggested I work with an experienced trainer I remember thinking that I didn't need it.  I thought I was pretty good on my own and with all of the unethical & manipulative stuff I came across and heard about I didn't know if I could find a NLP trainer that I could trust.

I found a trainer that I trusted and within my first interactive training I quickly realized how little I really knew.   I was still far away from my vision of becoming the transformational wizard that I had dreamed of.   Immediately after that training started a coaching practice and took every opportunity I could to practice on others. I was amazed at how much more I was able to pick up every time I went through the NLP training material with live trainers vs. just self study.

  • Working with Jason is an inspiring learning experience, that is helping me feel confirmed around my stronger skills, while knowing precisely how to move further, into greater levels of excellence.  His ability to perceive, in a fine tuned systemic way, the whole of what happens during my mentoring and healing sessions, showing me where I excel, and pinpointing where I can enhance the effectiveness of my work with clients, has surprised and delighted me.

    Name Ruth Toledo Altschuler

I was hired by a NLP training company as an assistant trainer and then as the dedicated coach to their student base so over the next few years I was able to coach hundreds of NLP Practitioners to enhance their skills and overcome personal barriers.

I continued to practice and I began to get amazing feedback and testimonials from the people I worked with.  I genuinely had developed an amazing power to transform the lives of others, but there was one major problem lurking in the background…

At the end of the day, when the lights went off and it was time to go to bed… I, the transformational wizard, was deeply unfulfilled with my life.

  • I just can’t believe how that twenty minute conversation has been able to transform my relationship with myself. Something that I wasn’t able to achieve despite numerous self-help books, therapy, meditation and breathing techniques. It’s like magic. I can’t believe how easy it is for me now to truly love myself and care for myself and, like you said, to feel wonderful about it too. I am just so amazed by how powerful these techniques are. You were so effective and so good.
    Name Roza Kazan News Correspondent

When I first discovered the field of Neuro-Semantics my inner skeptic came out and told me that it was probably just another person teaching the same old NLP under their own brand but the more I read the more I realized that there was something valuable there.

I attended the first Neuro-Semantics Conference and one of my first major takeaway was how much easier Neuro-Semantic NLP made it for me to apply NLP to my own life.  It was built into the entire framework.

For the first time ever I grew a preference to ‘receive’ the changes and transformations rather than being the wizard delivering those changes.

I began to achieve a different type of power, and this power was real.

My work with my clients became much more congruent, I could literally feel myself growing and I could feel my personal evolution accelerating (and at the moment I am writing this I still can).

As I continued to study, practice and experience Neuro-Semantic NLP the more in awe I became at how rich it truly was — much beyond traditional NLP.

I began to see the systemic nature of the models of NLP & how they all fit together.  It took me a while, but I eventually saw how self-actualization is the highest frame for applying NLP.  I saw why certain NLP patterns didn’t work for me, why submodality shifts sometimes weren't effective, why most all of the patterns from NLP seemed to be nearly identical. I began to see the magic behind the magic.

  • Discovering Jason was like a breath of fresh air.  He walks the walk and thats always inspiring.
    Name Maria Olmedo NLP Master Practitioner & President, Glias of Love, Inc.

So Here We Are...

At the bottom of this page I invite you to join me for the next episode of this story and the opportunity to open the next episode of your journey along the Neuro-Linguistic Programming mastery pathway.  I hope that my journey can help you accelerate along yours, so join me and lets see how this story unfolds.

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  • Jason’s knowledge of the subject speaks volumes about his passion to make a significant impact in your learning experience.  Don’t dare miss out on this experience.
    Name Daryl Wilder NLP Master Practitioner