Modeling Subjective Experience

Modeling is the act of creating a representation of a person, thing or of a proposed structure, typically on a smaller scale than the original. And whether or not you are aware of it you use models on a daily basis to make your life easier! In Neuro-Semantics we model something very special, we model…

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What is NLP?

NLP is a model that describes how information & communication (linguistics) affects our physiology (neurology) and behavior. Words and representations in our mind function as symbols that re-present the things in the external world. In the same way that map of Miami is NOT that same thing as Miami itself, our inner mental movies are NOT the…

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meta states diagram

What is The Meta-States Model?

The Meta-States Model of Neuro-Semantics which was developed by L. Michael Hall in 1994 for accessing and refining the thoughts in the back of our mind was acknowledged by INLPTA in 1995 as “the most significant contribution to NLP”. Primary States Before the creation of the Meta-States model, the majority of NLP focused on our…

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nlp communication model - perception academy

The NLP Model of Perception

The ‘NLP communication model’ is the foundational and essential model for how we as human beings create our ‘perception’ of reality.  It is upon this model that all of the advances of Neuro-Semantics were built/discovered. This model is one of the basic frameworks for mapping out/modelling what happens in a given person’s mind-body system in…

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What do we mean by ‘Meta’ in Neuro-Semantics?

Meta means ‘to transcend and include’. Meta-levels are so important because, in a way, anything that is meta is ‘the boss’ of what it refers to. Although in Neuro-Semantics and NLP we are using the word ‘meta’ to refer to relationships between ‘mind-stuff’ inside of a mind-body system, meta-relationships also occur in how we classify things in the…

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Definition of NLP

If you’re new to this field, you may be wondering… And if you’ve been around for a while – feel free to pull out your old training manual because I’ve made a few updates to my definition here. The truth is that there are many ways to answer the question, “What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming” so let’s…

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Challenge: Define NLP & Neuro-Semantics in 17 syllables

Have you have had a hard time explaining what NLP and/or Neuro-Semantics is? Or maybe you’re here because you don’t even know in the first place! If you are like me, you know that it can difficult to explain NLP & Neuro-Semantics to the uninitiated so I threw together a few NLP & Neuro-Semantics Haikus to…

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Benefits of Neuro-Semantic NLP

Neuro-Semantic NLP teaches us to see the invisible stuff of the mind that drives our behavior so we can reach our highest potentials personally, professionally and coach others to do the same. Whether you want to apply it for personal development,  coaching, or business/professional development –  there is nothing more important to understand! You never go anywhere…

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How I Cured a Migraine through Text

Before you read the post, Click here to download my 3 question headache cure pdf Is it possible to cure someone’s migraine just through text messaging with them? Hopefully these screenshots from my phone are going to  clear this up for good.  While you are reading this today don’t worry so much about why I say…

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How to Build Rapport Authentically – with Verbal Matching

So I was reflecting back on a conversation I had the other day. The other person said to me “I don’t like to drink alcohol often”. My genuine reply was “I don’t like to drink alcohol often either”.  I noticed the increase in rapport from this mini-interaction. But what if this person would have said…

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