Einstein and ‘Psychology’ – Part II

albert-einstein-psychology-mindClick the following link for Part I: Einstein and ‘Psychology’ in 7 Powerful Sentences

As we have seen from the previous article, there is no such thing as a free floating human thought without a body. This means that every ‘thought’ we think is embodied!

  • What kind of thoughts are you embodying?
  • How are your thoughts/beliefs effecting your emotional states?
  • How aware are you of the quality of your thinking?

Our stomachs have a built-in mechanism to throw up the things that we put in that are toxic.  This is NOT the case with our mind!  What is a human being to do?


The Meaning Scale and Index

In Neuro-Semantics we use the Meaning Scale and Index created by Dr. Michael Hall, Co-founder of Neuro-Semantics, to check the quality of our ‘thoughts’/meanings that we are embodying. This leads to improved Emotional Intelligence, and uses your uniquely human power of Self-Reflexive Consciousness (your ability to think about your thinking) as a resource to improve the overall quality of your life.

Enhanced NLP Training - Neuro-Semantics Meaning Scale and Index

Starting at the bottom is meaninglesness. These are ‘thoughts’/meanings that lead to despair and hopelessness. “I will never be able to be independent”, “I don’t deserve to have a happy life”, “I am a nobody”, etc.

Next we move on to trivial beliefs/meanings.  These lead to states of blandness and cynicism. “Thats just the way things are, why should I expect more”, “That will never work”, etc.

Then we move on to conventional meanings. These meanings deny you of your personal individuality and function to allow you to ‘fit in’.  “I’m 35, I should be married with kids by now”, “Everybody else is doing it so that makes it ok”, “A 9-5 job is the only way to make a living”, etc.

At a higher level of meaning comes your unique and personalized meanings. These lead to higher states and emotions aligned with your personal values and individuality. “You all may think that but I believe…”, “I am a magnificently unique individual!”, “I have never failed, I have successfully found 1000 ways that didn’t work” -Thomas Edison, etc.

At the highest level on this scale comes rich, robust and enlivening meanings.  These lead to the sacredness of life and its component parts, and states like fascination and being in the zone. “Doing the dishes gloriously shows how powerful I am as a meaning-maker.”, “Every breath I take is a blessing”, “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious” -Albert Einstein, “To live is to have problems, and to solve problems is to grow creatively” -J.P. Gulliford, etc.


How Do I Use This Scale?

At first it may be easier to apply this scale by using the right side of the scale and checking your emotional state. Then track your emotional state back to the ‘thoughts’/‘beliefs’/meanings that are creating it.

  • Are these ‘thoughts’/beliefs/meanings serving you?
  • Do they make your life a party?
  • Do they contribute to the sacredness of life?

Your thoughts are feeding your body. Are you giving yourself the ‘nutrition’ you need to lead a life full of meaningfulness and vitality?

There are many patterns/processes in Neuro-Semantics you can use to disembody unresourceful or even toxic ‘thoughts’/meanings as well as patterns to embody resourceful and even sacred meanings, and there is more to come on some of these patterns soon….

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