If you know me you may have noticed that I am kind of an open book when it comes to sharing my Neuro-Semantic & NLP knowledge, so why would I be any different online?

Through my videosblogsocial media posts, and newsletter, I teach a large wealth of what I know about how to use NLP & Neuro-Semantics for enhanced communication, personal/professional development, coaching others, ethical influence, emotional state management, modeling excellence, & self-actualization.

This knowledge base continues to grow on a regular basis - (thanks in part to the wonderful questions emailed to me by interesting people like you).

I offer you all this knowledge, in the hopes it will fast track your personal journey with Neuro-Semantics & NLP in a way that I never had available to me.   This stuff truly changed my life and in my opinion is the most powerful 'technology' available for unleashing human potential.

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To ever increasing levels of mastery,

Jason Schneider

Founder of the Perception Academy