Please choose a date and time you would like to meet with me below.   This Laser call will be 25 minutes and is designed to get you movement on whatever issue is most important to you at the moment, and ideally provide a breakthrough that continues to develop days and even weeks after our call. Be sure to confirm your time zone before scheduling. You will receive an email with more information after your register. Thank you!

Looking forward to connecting more deeply,

Jason Schneider

Founder of the Perception Academy

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    Michelle Olsen -

    Jason is a true master of NLP. He brings a lightness and ease to his work. He has keen insight and an ability to mirror back the essence of what you are saying that leaves you feeling deeply heard and receptive to new insight. I highly recommend his coaching to anyone wanting a breakthrough.

  • Name
    Angela Garcia - I did a session with Jason and it was amazing!!! I was scared of snorkeling, the feeling of claustrophobia from that one time I did it 10 years ago. After my session with Jason my anxiety level was drastically reduced. I did go snorkeling again 2 days later and I was much less anxious and actually enjoyed it =)

  • Name
    George Kao - Just finished a coaching session with Jason -- wow. This guy really knows his stuff, and makes great use of our session time. For some context, I myself am a coach, and have more than 1,000 one-to-one paid client sessions under my belt. This one session with Jason Schneider (with him as the coach) is going to benefit me for the next 1,000 sessions with my clients. No doubt I will be hiring him for more work together. If you'd like to be more effective for your clients, try out a session with Jason Schneider.

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    Christine Renner -

    As service providers, coaches, healers, etc. we are often more skillful at helping others sort out their stuff than we are able to do it for ourselves. Jason is an NLP Master Extraordinaire, and he helped me sort out a nagging internal conflict I'd been having, that was significantly impacting my relating skills. He is awesome at what he does, and I had a HUGE breakthrough in a short time. That single breakthrough was also a domino leading to other big breakthroughs in the time since our session. Jason rocks, and I highly recommend reaching out to him for expert assistance in refining your skills.

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    Roza Kazan - I just can’t believe how that twenty minute conversation has been able to transform my relationship with myself. Something that I wasn’t able to achieve despite numerous self-help books, therapy, meditation and breathing techniques. It’s like magic. I can’t believe how easy it is for me now to truly love myself and care for myself and, like you said, to feel wonderful about it too. I am just so amazed by how powerful these techniques are. You were so effective and so good.
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    Eric Bensoussan - Jason is a Great Coach. He certainly knows NLP better than anyone. With only few great questions he made me aware about habits and patterns that don't serve me anymore in my life. He helped me shift my awareness to what would be most beneficial. I am very grateful and would highly recommend him. He is a great deal and made me laugh as well.