Making the Most out of a Big Transition

(This article was originally published on my blog in 2013)

I just moved a couple of weeks ago to a new apartment in a new city, and it is little surprise how a massive change like that can throw you completely outside of your comfort zone.

I can no longer hang around my old cafe, I am quite far from my friends, my normal jogging path has to be replaced, my work routine has destabilized with the move, amongst other things.

At the same token, this transition has worked wonders to destabilize my old habits and patterns and leave a wide open space for me to consciously choose new patterns.

At first when I sat down to review my life as I do every 3 months or so I thought maybe I should wait until I get into a new routine before I evaluate my present state since everything seemed so unsure, however upon second thought, I realized that this is actually the BEST time for me to establish some new routines and consciously create the new patterns I want to stabilize!

So what did I do?

I did what any normal well-adjusted adult would do.  I ran to Walgreens at 11PM to buy glue sticks, I pulled out some old magazines, and I threw together a Vision Board! (Of course followed by some intense self-coaching!)

If you are in a state of transition yourself, are facing a great change in your life, or are thrown out of your comfort zone, take the time to evaluate where you are and start taking action right away to choose and stabilize some new, more resourceful patterns before you fall into a new routine unconsciously.

Times of transition are never ‘easy’, however they do provide us with a great possibilities for personal growth.

Half of the battle of making changes in your life is in destabilizing the old patterns, so when the universe throws you a big shift, take advantage of the opportunity as half of the work is already done for you!

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