Secret #5: Meaning has Quality

Welcome to day 5 of the Secrets of a Perception Wizard course.

You are now more than halfway through the course and I hope you have begun to stretch your mind, to see the malleable nature of reality, and to begin to become aware of some of the ways you can become more flexible in how you perceive and communicate about the world.

This opens you to richer conversations, deeper relationships, the unleashing of your natural leadership, more choice and control in your emotions and behaviors, as well as higher levels of empowerment & fulfillment.

In the last lesson we saw how flexible meaning can be. How you can begin to apply your abilities as a meaning maker, and how the sky is the limit as to what something can mean…

But there is a catch…

Just because as a human being we can set something to mean/represent just about anything else does NOT mean that all meanings are equal.

Frames of mind can have distinct differences in quality.

Some beliefs can be brilliant & sacred.. and others tragic & even toxic.

One of the most powerful skills of perception master is their ability to step back (A foreshadow to tomorrow’s secret) and ask themselves the question:

=== “Does this serve me?” ===

They are aware that their thoughts CANNOT be ‘Real’ (Secrets #1 & #2)… so the important question is not whether their thought is true or not.

The question of importance becomes whether their thought is ‘accurate’ or not, and more importantly — “Does this serve me or not”.

In doing so, the master of perception installs a filter over which meanings they want to keep in their mind-body system, and which ones they will not ’embody’.


Exercise: Sometimes thoughts are highly accurate, but the perception wizard sees this for the trap that it is. Just because something is 'accurate' does not make it something I want inside of my neurology. Question your thoughts today in terms of "Does this serve me?", and if the answer comes back no, re-practice the exercise from yesterday and generate multiple meanings for the experience until you generate a more resourceful way of framing it.

Change your frame, change your game,
Jason Schneider
Founder of the Perception Academy

PS As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or feedback. I read an reply to every email.

PPS As a bonus, you can also go back over the meanings you created yesterday and check their quality based on the scale in the interesting article below:

Einstein and ‘Psychology’ – Part II