Secret #4: Meaning is Flexible

Welcome to Day 4 of the Secrets of a Perception Wizard Course.


Today we will go over what I believe is one of the most important skills you can have as a human being.

Yesterday we discussed one of the key frames of meaning that a Perception Wizard puts on themselves… that they are a meaning maker!

In recognizing that YOU are the creator of the meanings in your head, you become ready to receive the 4th BONUS secret.

== Secret #4 – Perception Wizards know that Meaning is Flexible ===

As we experienced in the previous lesson, the more flexible we are with our ability to map things, the more flexibility we will have in our emotions and responses!

The master of perception recognizes that there are infinite ways to perceive any circumstance.

From that infinite pool they are able to generate multiple meanings for every experience, which ultimately empowers them with an authentic choice in how to respond.


road-sign-145154_640If you only have one way of looking at something, you have no choice how to respond.

Imagine you had the frame of mind that, "Mastering my perception is too complicated". Period. End of discussion.

You respond how your maps dictate, and you can imagine the result of that frame of mind.


good-1123013_640Better is to have two choices. This allows a little more choice in who to respond as to 'which is the best choice'.

i.e. "Mastering your perception is either possible or impossible depending on who you are."

Better, but still not great because you are stuck in black and white thinking missing out all of the gray areas that make up the richness of the world.


Even better is when we begin to have 3… or more choices!

opportunity-396265_640i.e. "A person doesn't just master or not master their perception, there are different levels of mastering your perception and every person can benefit from higher levels of mastery" and…

"Mastery of myself is one of the key reasons why I am on this earth" and…

"Mastery over perception is what separates leaders from followers" and…

"Mastery is what I am ALWAYS doing, just sometimes I are mastering things that don't serve me well so mastering my perception is the only way to master mastery!" and…

"Mastery of my perception means I can always create more meanings…"


What we begin to learn is that - as a meaning maker - a creator of meaning - there are infinite possibilities as to what we can make something mean. And each meaning will have a different effect on the state and behaviors of those who embody them.

The Perception wizard is the one who recognizes that though there are infinite possibilities in how to frame the world, and some ways of perceiving the world and its events are better than others.

A master of perception is able to give any event, object, circumstance, behavior, person, etc. multiple meanings and then to choose high quality meanings that allow them to cope, connect, and thrive.



Practice giving at least one event/experience in your life 7 or more meanings. Right now. Get a pen and paper or open a digital 'note pad' and start writing! For example, what does it mean when things don't go your way? Or when someone contradicts you? Or when you are running late?

Share in the Community.

Use one of the above examples above or pick something unique and meaningful to you as you practice becoming more flexible as a meaning maker.


To having more flexibility than a yoga instructor shooting rubber bands on a trampoline,

Jason Schneider

Founder of the Perception Academy