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The Most Cutting Edge Training in Communication, Coaching & Personal Development... Now Available Online

Learn Neuro-Semantic NLP from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Anne Marcovich

I felt all of the skills can be applied to children up to the elderly.  The very specific exercises and strategies can even be applied while watching TV.

Anne Marcovich, RN-BSN & Mom
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Do You Want to Learn the Secrets to Run Your Own Brain and Simple Step-by-Step Tools to Facilitate Your Self-Actualization?

  • Would you like to break through resistance in your communications so you can build deeper relationships with a wider range of people?
  • Would you like to have more control over your emotional states so that you can perform at a higher level in everything you do?
  • Do you want access to top of the line Coaching technologies so you can communicate more effectively, get better results with your clients, and facilitate the Self-Actualization of yourself and others?

If so, you are at the right place...

Imagine - In just 6 months developing with your fellow team members to become Expert Communicators, Coaches and taking your Personal Development and Self-Actualization to the next level

Alan Kopetman

This is the most important program you can take.  This is controlling your mind and training yourself to become the person you want to be.

Alan Kopetman


After completing my first NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Training Program I had the rare opportunity of being hired by that Training company as their only dedicated Coach. 

Not only did I help facilitate hundreds of people become NLP Practitioners and Certified Life Coaches, but I was the person who would help them afterwards to get their business off the ground and coach them through the months of their life following the training. 

I currently hold 14 certifications and counting in the fields of Coaching, NLP, and Neuro-Semantics, in 2013 I started the only Neuro-Semantic NLP Training Company based in Miami, and I am the current Vice-President of the Meta-Coach Foundation in the USA.

With all of my experience within Coaching, NLP, Neuro-Semantics & Personal Development there is one thing I can tell you for sure...

Neuro-Semantics has the Best Tools in this Highly Competitive Industry, Now is Your Chance to Integrate these Tools Deeply into Your Skill Set

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Coaching Essentials Online + 6 Weeks Mentoring + Membership to an Elite Development Team

The Neuro-Semantics Mastery Academy is a 6 week program for you to:

  • Start off at the place that took me years to find and fast track your way to success
  • Have more confidence in yourself than ever before so you can attract new opportunities
  • Gain control over your states for peak performances and personal power
  • Operate at a higher level of Coaching Skill than ever before and get results that stick
  • Have access to the most cutting edge toolbox for facilitating Self-Actualization in yourself and others

Here's what you get:

  • NLP Essentials Training Online broken down into 6 modules of training audios, videos and documents released weekly focusing on integrating the skills piece by piece.  ($900 value)
  • Expert Designed Practice Schedule and Skill Builders: Content and Practice Exercises with nearly daily skill builders that are broken down into a format so that they can be taken to the unconscious competence level as quickly as possible. ($500 value)

You'll also gain access to:

  • 6 Weekly Group Mentoring Calls with expert Trainer and Meta-Coach Jason Schneider where you will receive personal attention in each and every call for coaching, questions, deeper training, and focus on your personal needs and outcomes. ($720 value)
  • A Team of committed Practitioners with this shared outcome to hold you accountable, practice patterns and skills, share learnings, give feedback, and support each other as you develop together. (Priceless)
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group to have 24/7 access to your support team (Priceless)

In order to maximize your results we are accepting 40 participants

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Week 1

The NLP Communication Model

This cutting-edge model, along with the related strategies, will facilitate you to deepen your interpersonal connections, increase the range of people who you can connect with, open yourself to transformational feedback, and enhance your skills in non-verbal communication & reading people. And we are just getting started! These modules are jam packed with exercises and strategies that are easily implemented and effective.

Week 2

Non-Verbal Communication & Unconscious Rapport

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your states, and these training modules are all about Emotional Intelligence. Discover how to elicit resourceful states in yourself for tackling those still unresolved challenges, and how to consciously elicit states in others. Gain the confidence and skill to produce peak performance and motivation states in yourself and others, as well as strategies to resolve unresourceful emotions from the past... and prevent them in the future!

Modules 3-4

Emotional Intellegence

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your states, and these training modules are all about Emotional Intelligence. Discover how to elicit resourceful states in yourself for tackling those still unresolved challenges, and how to consciously elicit states in others. Gain the confidence and skill to produce peak performance and motivation states in yourself and others, as well as strategies to resolve unresourceful emotions from the past... and prevent them in the future!

Modules 5-6

Precision Communication

These two modules provide you models for Precision Communication and Goal Setting. You will learn how to reduce miscommunications, to precisely gather information from others, as well as to introduce a higher level of specificity in your goal setting to make your successes that much more achievable. These modules are packed with exercises and strategies for you to overcome barriers and blockages in your own life and those who you communicate with.

Modules 7-8

Welcome to the Matrix of Your Mind

Learn the cutting-edge Meta-States Model for accessing and refining the thoughts in the back of your mind, a questioning model to find these meta-level structures and to invite a client to become aware of these structures for checking their quality and evaluating them. Learn processes to move from blaming and victimhood to pure responsibility, to develop unconditional self esteem, to quickly change limiting beliefs and much more.

Modules 9-10

Clearing the Path

Remove any blockages that hold you back from entering into a state of flow. Learn a process to pleasure things which you want to enjoy more and de- pleasure those things which you have given too much power. Learn processes to resolve self- attack, to implement those things that you want to do but you do not yet take action on, to transform the energy of unresourcesful states and much more.





Modules 11-12

Texture Your Genius State

In these modules you will fine tune and texture your genius/flow state. Learn patterns for opening a space for new possibilities, blow out excuses, resolve inner conflict and much more.


Lifetime Access to All Training Resources


Though the training is only 6 months long, if you make this investment today you will receive LIFETIME ACCESS to all training materials.  

This WILL change in the future as this program may become a monthly or yearly membership so this bonus is highly valuable for those who take action this time around.

Free Lifetime Updates

This program will be updated and refined with time and I already have plans for future additions.

For those who buy the course today, you will receive every update and new feature free of charge as this program continues to improve & develop.

This is also a feature which will not be available in future releases of this program.

These Two Bonuses Will Only Be Around for a Limited Time

What are Your Other Options?

  1. You could let this opportunity pass you by and miss out on this special offer and amazing bonuses.
  2. You could read all of the books and spend years learning and practicing solo like I did, wasting time, going it on your own, and still spending $500-$1000+.
  3. You can take these trainings live - spending $500-$2500+ each time, not including any post training support.
  4. You could hire a Coach or Mentor to help you through the process, spending $150+/hr and up to $1,000+ per month.


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Here's Everything You'll Receive...

Modules 1-6: Coaching Essentials Online


NS Mastery Academy + Your Consistent Effort Over Time = RESULTS


I'm not interested in accepting your money without providing you with real value.  These tools and techniques have been tested, proven, and will give you REAL results. That's why I have no problem at all backing them with my 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Try my program for 30 days and if you are not totally satisfied with the value you've received you can get your investment back, no questions asked.

Here are a few more rewarding stories from former students of mine...

Devin Burke

Jason’s best skill is making complex learnings digestible.  My coaching has been taken to the next level and my personal development has been greatly enhanced.

Devin Burke, Health Coach & Founder of Renew Wellness Retreats
Nicole Fernandez

Jason is very skilled. You want him to keep talking because everything he says is so enlightening!

Nicole Fernandez, NLP Master Practitioner
Dave Alexander

Jason Schneider is definitely a subject matter expert. He is exceptionally talented at providing useful tools and techniques that I use in both my professional as well as my personal life.

Dave Alexander, Vice President of Corporate Finance
Daryl Wilder

Jason’s knowledge of the subject speaks volumes about his passion to make a significant impact in your learning experience.  Don’t dare miss out on this experience.

Daryl Wilder, NLP Master Practitioner
Ronit Daniel

Jason transfers the content professionally and in an enjoyable way.  I’m in a completely different state now than I was just a few days ago.

Ronit Daniel, Life Coach
Maria Olmedo

Jason is an excellent trainer.  He walks the walk and thats always inspiring.

Maria Olmedo, NLP Master Practitioner & President, Glias of Love, Inc.
Renee Santao

Jason is funny, charming, and effective. This training is jam packed with information and the skills have immediate impact.

Renee Santao, Director of Sustainable Building
Edgardo Ramirez

It was really important for me to choose a trainer with deep understanding of the subject and I am very pleased.  You are excellent at what you do!!

Edgardo Ramirez, NLP Practitioner & Coach
Arizhay Aburto

I feel blessed for the opportunity to receive this information. An experience that has changed my life.

Arizhay Aburto, Life Coach, Singer, & Mother
Estee Levinson

I find that learning with Jason does not only enhance my personal life, but also my professional life as a coach. When learning with Jason, time does not exist, not only because the material is so interesting, but because of how Jason teaches. Pure entertainment!

Estee Levinson, Founder of Personal Enrichment Coaching

Here's How to Get Started

It's easy.

1. Click the “Reserve Your Spot” button below. You’ll be taken to a secure checkout screen where you can purchase this entire 12-module interactive course PLUS mentoring and all of the bonuses. You can either pay by PayPal or choose to pay by credit card.

2. As soon as your order has been processed, you will be redirected to a private page to create your unique login and get access to our private website where the full course and all bonuses will be released. The entire checkout and sign-up process takes less than five minutes.

Ready to Reserve Your Spot?

Yes, Jason! I am ready to take my Neuro-Semantic skills to the next level before 2016!

I understand that I will be receiving the membership to the Neuro-Semantics Mastery Academy where I will receive and review the material from Coaching Essentials & Coaching Genius piece by piece with my fellow team members until they are integrated into my skill set and I am able to perform them seamlessly. I'm excited to get personal attention every other week in the 12 Group Mentoring Sessions, be part of the private Facebook group where I have 24/7 access to Licensed Neuro-Semantics Trainer Jason Schneider my other team members. Plus I'll get these Bonuses:

1. Lifetime Access to all training materials

2. As the program evolves, I will receive all updates free of charge

And I know I'm protected by a 30 day money back Guarantee.

The Neuro-Semantics Mastery Academy

Pay in full to register now: $2700

$1,800 (Best Value)

Or Just 6 Monthly Payments of $350

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When does the program begin?

Once Module 1 begins, each subsequent module being released every other week for 6 months.  Group mentoring calls will begin in week 2.  Though those are the release dates of the program, those who sign up now will receive lifetime access to all training materials as well as all updates and additions to the content.

I don't have any Coaching or NLP experience, is this for me?

Yes, if you have never taken any Coach, NLP, or Neuro-Semantic training, this program is a great place to get the highest quality training without having to make the investment required to attend a live training.  Rather than purchasing a flight, hotel, and taking time off of work, Perception Academy provides a format where you can study on your own schedule and have access to the same training materials and practice exercises as a live training.  If you do decide to attend a live training this program is ideal to 'pre-sit' a training so that you can come prepared and get the most out of the limited time you have in the training room.

I am already a Coach/NLP Master Practitioner, is this for me?

Yes, if you are an experienced Coach or have already taken some Coach training you will find that Perception Academy & the Meta-Coach Training System an exciting place to advance your skills in the cognitive-behavioral sciences, take your Coaching abilities to the next level, and discover multiple Coaching models that are not studied in any other Coach Training or NLP Training program.

All too many Coach Certification and NLP Programs are quick to give out certifications and lack a followup and support system to truly master the skills.  Mastering these skills takes time and guided practice which immersion training programs just can't provide.

Is this a Certification Program?

No, more important than your title or getting a certificate on the wall,  this program is about getting your skills up to a level where you are prepared to easily and effectively demonstrate your credibility and expertise with confidence, whether you are coaching, training, networking, or just shooting the breeze.

This program is designed for those who are seeking the skills, those who may desire to attend a live training eventually but seeking an affordable alternative which will get them the enhanced skills and prepare them to really get the most out of a live training, and for already certified Meta-Coaches and Licensed Neuro-Semantic Trainers who are ready to take their understandings, skills, and performance to the next level.

Why Only 10 Participants?

The bi-monthly mentoring sessions are structured so that ever member of the team gets personal attention from Trainer Jason Schneider.  The 90-120 minute calls can only accommodate 10 participants In order to make sure that everybody is moving towards their individual outcomes and is getting their maximum results from this program.

What happens if I am unable to make one of the Mentoring Calls?

All mentoring calls will be recorded and saved in the members area of the website to be reviewed at any time by NS Mastery Members.

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