Your Personal NLP Mentor to Accelerate Your Coaching, NLP and Neuro-Semantic Pathway

Your Training and Self-Study can only take you so far in your development.

  • Sometimes you want more personalized attention and direction along your pathway
  • Sometimes you need someone to coach you through your blind spots.
  • Sometimes you need to get high quality feedback and to really experience something first hand.
  • Sometimes you don't want to read all of the books to find what you are searching for.
  • Sometimes you just want someone who has been there to take your hand and guide you up the mountain

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, our Mentoring Programs are just what you need.

Devin Burke

Jason’s best skill is making complex learnings digestible.  My coaching has been taken to the next level and my personal development has been greatly enhanced.

Devin Burke, Health Coach & Founder of Renew Wellness Retreats

A little more about me:

Jason Schneider

Licensed Neuro-Semantic NLP Trainer

I started my journey with NLP & Coaching more than 10 years ago.   I read all of the books, practiced all of the processes, attended all of the live trainings, spent tens of thousands of dollars, and I spent countless hours integrating all of this stuff. The sad thing is that I did much of this alone.

I remember sitting wishing I had someone to answer my questions — that person rarely if ever came.  Sometimes I had to wait months, even years of hard work and study before I could discover the answers to some of my questions and break through some of my blind spots.

I remember how hard it could be to find someone to run a pattern/practice a skill with. I remember how much harder it was to find someone to run a pattern/process on me. And worst of all I remember clearly how long, difficult and lonely my pathway to mastery was.

Then when I discovered Neuro-Semantics & Meta-Coaching the whole process repeated itself!

Through 10+ years of hard work, dedication and practice I had achieved my desired end result, but the process was NOT always fun and it doesn't have to be that way for you...

How My Clients Use Their Sessions:

  • In Depth Q & A: Get your personal questions answered on any skill(s)/model(s) in NLP/Neuro-Semantics/Coaching and dig deep until you are satisfied.
  • Coaching: Breakthrough blind spots, increase self-awareness, create a strategic gameplan, and receive Coaching on the things that will make a meaningful difference in your life.
  • Pattern Work: Receive and/or run any Neuro-Semantic, NLP, or Coaching pattern with real-time, high-quality feedback from a Neuro-Semantic NLP Trainer with 10+ years experience.
  • In-Depth Training: Deepen your training on a particular subject.
  • Skill Builder Session: Practice a particular skill until you reach conscious to unconscious competency.
  • Modelling: Model out experiences of excellence from yourself and/or Jason Schneider that you can apply in specific contexts of your life (not to mention enhancing your skills as a modeler of subjective experience).
  • Coaching Feedback: Deliver a real and meaningful coaching session and receive the high-quality, real-time feedback that you need to take your skills to the next level.
  • Experience: Experience any pattern, process, or transformation that you desire.
  • Application: Discuss applications of any Neuro-Semantic, NLP or Coaching skill, model, process in your personal/professional context.
  • Mentoring: Learn from the 10+ years of NLP, Neuro-Semantics, Coaching, Business experience of Jason Schneider.
  • Closing the Knowing-Doing Gap: Close the gap between what you know conceptually vs. what you can experience and perform.
  • Advanced Training: Learn models/skills/Patterns from NLP/Neuro-Semantics/Meta-Coaching and how to integrate them into your daily/professional practice.

Jason Schneider 1-1 Fees:

I offer my 1-1 private mentoring virtually through video calls.

During our sessions, we cover the key issues that are holding back your NLP practice, coaching, business, client results, as well as your own self-actualization.

I'm happy to offer various packages depending on your needs and desires and my typical packages can range from $100-$600/month.  There is no requirement for how many months you stay on my mentoring.

Estee Levinson

I find that learning with Jason does not only enhance my personal life, but also my professional life as a coach. When learning with Jason, time does not exist, not only because the material is so interesting, but because of how Jason teaches. Pure entertainment!

Estee Levinson, Founder of Personal Enrichment Coaching

I would love to personally help you take your Neuro-Semantic NLP, Coaching Skills and Self-Actualization to the Next Level

To inquire about Jason Schneider's private sessions:

To unleashing your highest potential,

Jason Schneider

Founder of the Perception Academy