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Master the Core Skills and Patterns of Neuro-Semantics

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Learn How to Step Yourself and Your Clients into the Zone of Peak Performance -- On Command!

To those new to Neuro-Semantics this online distillation of their flagship training will demonstrate the revolutionary Meta-States Model which will dramatically take your coaching, communication and personal development to the next level.

The processes demonstrated in this program are among the most impactful processes I have experienced in my personal evolution, and beyond that - when they come together they give you the ability to step into 'the zone' at will.

As the online counterpart to Module 2 of the Meta-Coach System, this program fast tracks the essential Neuro-Semantic skills & Patterns into just a few hours to get you moving forward in your Personal & Professional Development.

NLP Essentials is encouraged to get the most out of Patterns of Personal Genius, however, is not required.

I encourage anyone looking at improving their skills of how to achieve a higher level of performance in business and life. This training has given me both, it is invaluable.

Martin Urban, ACMC, Executive & Personal Coach

This course is highly applicable for:

  • Experienced Coaches
  • New coaches & those interested in moving into the coaching profession
  • Personal & Professional Communicators
  • Business/Sales Professionals
  • Relationship building
  • Networking
  • Emotional State Management
  • Sports Coaches & Players
  • Managers looking to get the most out of their teams
  • Personal Development
  • Professional Development
  • And so much more...

There are many programs out there claiming to work miracles, and having tested quite a number, I can honestly say that this course delivers powerful techniques to provide permanent changes within an ethical and respectful framework. - Coach & Psychologist

Wendy Freeman, ACMC, Coach & Psychologist

What's inside

You'll get:

  • Over 22 Lessons covering the foundational skills and patterns of a Neuro-Semantic practitioner
  • 12 Videos of Actual Client Demonstrations covering all of the foundational Patterns of Neuro-Semantics
  • Graphical overlays on client demonstrations displaying the meta-state structures and non-verbal cues to calibrate to - Just like looking through the eyes of an expert Neuro-Semanticist
  • Achieve extraordinary results by thinking and working systemically with the whole mind-body-emotion system.
  • Experience the joy and excitement of unlocking the natural genius in yourself and others
  • Sharpen your focus so that you unleash your potentials and experience life at optimum level
  • Think like an entrepreneur, and blow out excuses for not achieving business success lack of confidence, financial insecurity, fear of failure, not knowing what to do
  • Enrich your and your client's experience of life - find more passion and satisfaction in relationships, wealth, career, and health
  • Learn the essential skills of effective Coaching & communication using Neuro-Semantics

Have you ever wondered WHY? Why you continually do some of the pointless, unhelpful things you do, or, perhaps more importantly, why you don't make your own dreams come true? I used to until I did Coaching Genius and learned where the gap was and how to step past it. I now use the patterns I learned to coach my clients to their gaps, with extraordinary results.

Paige Human, ACMC, Health Coach

On the path to becoming a coach, it is a great course. Clearly of the highest level in the market. The credibility, validity of the material is really impressive. For anyone with high expectations of themselves and others as coaches/trainers your expectations will be met.

Jane Callinan, Corporate Trainer & Coach

Your Trainer

Jason Schneider

Licensed Neuro-Semantic NLP Trainer

Jason Schneider is an internationally recognized Neuro-Semantic NLP Trainer and founder of the Perception Academy.  He has been working full time in the field of NLP for over 5 years and has facilitated training hundreds of NLP practitioners and Life Coaches around the world.  Jason has taken it on as his personal mission to increase the standards and ethics across the field of NLP and promote awareness & high quality training in the transformational power of Neuro-Semantics.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Welcome to the Matrix of Your Mind 1 of 2 37:27

Introducing Accessing Your Personal Genius (APG)

movie icon

The Meta-States Model

movie icon

How to do Basic Meta-Stating

movie icon

Creating an Accelerated Learning State - Guided Experience

movie icon

Why are Logical Levels Important?

movie icon

Listening for the Levels - Practice Exercise

movie icon

The Skill of Meta-Questioning

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Module 2: Welcome to the Matrix of Your Mind 2 of 2 35:02

Creating Intentionality Client - Description & Client Demonstration

movie icon

Creating a Power Zone - Description & Client Demonstration

movie icon

Building Unconditional Self-Esteem - Description & Client Demonstration

movie icon

A Client's First Hand Account of the Gestalting Process

movie icon

Changing Unresourceful Beliefs - Description & Client Demonstration

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Module 3: Clearing the Path 1 of 2 24:10

Embracing Troubling Emotions - Description & Client Demonstration

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Module 4: Clearing the Path 2 of 2 26:18

Embodying What You Know - Description & Client Demonstration

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Module 5: Qualifying Your Genius State 1 of 2 17:27

Stepping into a Possibility Space - Description & Client Demonstration

movie icon

The Personal Genius State - Description & Client Demonstration

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Module 6: Qualifying Your Genius State 2 of 2 27:36

Blowing Out Excuses - Description & Client Demonstration

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Resolving Interal Conflict - Description & Client Demonstration

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Generating Internal Alignment & Integrity - Description & Client Demonstration

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This Course is Guaranteed to Exceed Your Expectations

I'm not interested in accepting your money without providing you with real value.  These tools and techniques have been tested, proven, and will give you REAL results. That's why I have no problem at all backing them with my 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Try my program for 30 days and if you are not totally satisfied with the value you've received you can get your investment back, no questions asked.

Here's How to Get Started

1. Click the “Create My Account” button below. You’ll be taken to a secure checkout screen where you can purchase this entire 6-module interactive course. You can either pay by PayPal or choose to pay by credit card.

2.  On the order for you will be asked to create your unique login and as soon as your order has been processed you will get access to our private website where you will receive instant access to the first module. The entire checkout and sign-up process takes less than five minutes.

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I don't have any Coaching or NLP experience, is this for me?

Yes, if you have never taken any Coach, NLP, or Neuro-Semantic training, this program is a great place to get the highest quality training without having to make the investment required to attend a live training.  Rather than purchasing a flight, hotel, and taking time off of work, Perception Academy provides a format where you can study on your own schedule and have access to the same training materials and practice exercises as a live training.  If you do decide to attend a live training this program is ideal to 'pre-sit' a training so that you can come prepared and get the most out of the limited time you have in the training room.

I am already a Coach/NLP Master Practitioner, is this for me?

Yes, if you are an experienced Coach or have already taken some Coach training you will find that Perception Academy & the Meta-Coach Training System an exciting place to advance your skills in the cognitive-behavioral sciences, take your Coaching abilities to the next level, and discover multiple Coaching models that are not studied in any other Coach Training or NLP Training program.

All too many Coach Certification and NLP Programs are quick to give out certifications and lack a followup and support system to truly master the skills.  Mastering these skills takes time and guided practice which immersion training programs just can't provide.

When does the program begin?

Once we process your order you will be able to immediately access the program.  On the order form you will be asked to create a username and password which will be your login information for the VIP area.  You will gain instant access to module 1 and subsequent modules will be released in 7 day increments.

Is this a Certification Program?

No, more important than your title or getting a certificate on the wall,  this program is about getting your skills up to a level where you are prepared to easily and effectively demonstrate your credibility and expertise with confidence, whether you are coaching, training, networking, or just shooting the breeze.

This program is designed for 1. Those who are seeking the skills without needing to attend a live training, 2. Those who may desire to attend a live training eventually but seeking an affordable alternative which will get them the enhanced skills and prepare them to really get the most out of a live training, and 3. For already certified Meta-Coaches and Licensed Neuro-Semantic Trainers who want to take their understandings, skills, and performance to the next level with on-demand reference material and demonstrations.

How long do I have access to the program?

Unlike many similar programs, if you order today you will gain lifetime access to this program and any updates on this program.  This takes this program well beyond any live training you attend in terms of having well organized reference material. Whenever you want to come back and review this material, for the rest of your life, you will have immediate access.

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