Patterns of Personal Genius Online

Master the Core Patterns & Skills of Neuro-Semantics from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Jason’s knowledge of the subject speaks volumes about his passion to make a significant impact in your learning experience.  Don’t dare miss out on this experience.

Daryl Wilder
NLP Master Practitioner

Upgrade Your NLP & Coaching with the Revolutionary Meta-States Model - Without Needing to Travel & Attend Live Trainings

Would You Like to Learn How to Step Yourself and Your Clients into the Zone of Peak Performance - On Command?

The processes demonstrated in this program are among the most impactful processes I have experienced in my personal evolution, and beyond that - when they come together they give you the ability to step into 'the zone' at will.

To those new to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), this course will introduce you to the core processes of Self-Mastery that you can use with yourself and others for higher levels of empowerment and success.

To those new to Neuro-Semantics this online distillation of their flagship training will demonstrate the revolutionary Meta-States Model which will dramatically take your coaching, communication and personal development to the next level.

As the online counterpart to Module 2 of the Meta-Coach System, this program fast tracks the essential Neuro-Semantic skills & Patterns into just a few hours to get you moving forward in your Personal & Professional Development.

What's Inside the "Patterns of Personal Genius Online?

Become a Master of Perception by Integrating the Core Patterns of Neuro-Semantics

How it Works

Our Online Platform is easy to use and provides all of the information and skill building exercises you need to integrate the foundational skills & patterns of Neuro-Semantics into your life, your coaching, and your interpersonal communications.


  • Enter our Members Area, watch the videos, and practice the skill builders each week as you integrate the material.
  • Click 'Mark complete' as you complete each chunk to track your progress within our system.
  • Leverage our Forum Areas in each lesson to get your questions answered, share your insights and successes, and learn from the questions from your fellow coursemates
  • Every week you will receive access to the following module to ensure that you have sufficient time to watch the videos and practice the skill builders.

Week 1

Welcome to the Matrix of Your Mind

Learn how to use the cutting-edge Meta-States Model for accessing and refining the thoughts in the back of your mind. Learn the process to fully take advantage of your internal resourcefulness as well as a process for bringing more focus & intentionality into your life and into the lives of those whom you communicate with.

Week 2

Leveraging the Invisible

Here we will dig even deeper into human consciousness with a questioning model to find the hidden meta-level structures that drive behaviour, and to invite a client to become aware of these structures for checking their quality and evaluating them. Learn processes to move from blaming and victimhood to pure responsibility, to develop unconditional self esteem, to quickly change limiting beliefs and much more.


Week 3

Clearing the Path

Remove any blockages that hold you back from entering into a state of flow. Learn a process to add pleasure to things which you want to enjoy more and de-pleasure those things which you have given too much power. Here you will also learn a powerful process to resolve self-attack in yourself and others.

Week 4

Embodying Your Highest and Best

Now that we've cleared the path learn the key Neuro-Semantic process that I use to implement those things that you want to do but you do not yet take action on, to transform the energy of unresourcesful states, and much more.

Week 5

Creating and Texturing Your Genius State

Having set up all of the prerequisites for personal genius you are now prepared to create, fine tune, and texture your genius/flow state. Learn patterns for opening a space for new possibilities, resolve inner conflict, and much more for yourself and those whom you communicate with.

Week 6

Tying it All Together with Congruence and Integrity

Last but not least we will tie together all of the work you have accomplished with processes to blow out any excuses holding you back, resolving any internal conflicts, and bringing you into full congruence and alignment as you move out into the world with a newfound resourcefulness, confidence, and conviction.


Lifetime Access to All Training Resources

Though this is a 6 week workshop, if you make this investment today you will receive LIFETIME ACCESS to all training materials.

This WILL change in the future as this program may become a monthly or yearly membership so this bonus is highly valuable for those who join now.

Here's Everything You'll Receive...

Modules 1-6: Patterns of Personal Genius Online + Lifetime Access

Neuro-Semantics + Your Consistent Effort Over Time = RESULTS


I'm not interested in accepting your money without providing you with real value.  These tools and techniques have been tested, proven, and will give you REAL results. That's why I have no problem at all backing them with my 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Try my program for 14 days and if you are not totally satisfied with the value you've received you can get your investment back, no questions asked.

Here are a few more rewarding stories from former students of mine...

Devin Burke

Jason’s best skill is making complex learnings digestible.  My coaching has been taken to the next level and my personal development has been greatly enhanced.

Devin Burke, Health Coach & Founder of Renew Wellness Retreats
Alan Kopetman

This is the most important program you can take.  This is controlling your mind and training yourself to become the person you want to be.

Alan Kopetman
Estee Levinson

I find that learning with Jason does not only enhance my personal life, but also my professional life as a coach. When learning with Jason, time does not exist, not only because the material is so interesting, but because of how Jason teaches. Pure entertainment!

Estee Levinson, Founder of Personal Enrichment Coaching

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Patterns of Personal Genius Online

  • 6 Modules Covering the Essentials of Neuro-Semantics & Accessing Genius/Flow states delivered weekly.
  • Video Demonstrations of the Patterns with Text Overlays & Graphics to accelerate your learning
  • Forum Area in each Lesson to ask your questions and see answers to questions from former students
  • Risk Free 14 day money back Guarantee.

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I don't have any Coaching or NLP experience, is this for me?

Yes, if you have never taken any Coach, NLP, or Neuro-Semantic training, this program is a great place to get the highest quality training without having to make the investment required to attend a live training.  Rather than purchasing a flight, hotel, and taking time off of work, Perception Academy provides a format where you can study on your own schedule and have access to the same training materials and practice exercises as a live training.  If you do decide to attend a live training this program is ideal to 'pre-sit' a training so that you can come prepared and get the most out of the limited time you have in the training room.

I am already a Coach/NLP Master Practitioner, is this for me?

Yes, if you are an experienced Coach or have already taken some Coach training you will find that Perception Academy & the Meta-Coach Training System an exciting place to advance your skills in the cognitive-behavioral sciences, take your Coaching abilities to the next level, and discover multiple Coaching models that are not studied in any other Coach Training or NLP Training program.

All too many Coach Certification and NLP Programs are quick to give out certifications and lack a followup and support system to truly master the skills.  Mastering these skills takes time and guided practice which immersion training programs just can't provide.

When does the program begin?

Once we process your order you will be able to immediately access the program.  On the order form you will be asked to create a username and password which will be your login information for the VIP area.  You will gain instant access to module 1 and subsequent modules will be released in 7 day increments.

Is this a Certification Program?

No, more important than your title or getting a certificate on the wall,  this program is about getting your skills up to a level where you are prepared to easily and effectively demonstrate your credibility and expertise with confidence, whether you are coaching, training, networking, or just shooting the breeze.

This program is designed for 1. Those who are seeking the skills without needing to attend a live training, 2. Those who may desire to attend a live training eventually but seeking an affordable alternative which will get them the enhanced skills and prepare them to really get the most out of a live training, and 3. For already certified Meta-Coaches and Licensed Neuro-Semantic Trainers who want to take their understandings, skills, and performance to the next level with on-demand reference material and demonstrations.

How long do I have access to the program?

Unlike many similar programs, if you order today you will gain lifetime access to this program and any updates on this program.  This takes this program well beyond any live training you attend in terms of having well organized reference material. Whenever you want to come back and review this material, for the rest of your life, you will have immediate access.

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