Secret #2: Perception is Symbolic

woman-mind map symbolicWelcome to Day 2 of the Secrets of a Perception Wizard Course.

Yesterday we learned that the map is not the territory: that your perception is NOT reality – which is the key secret to being able to transform perceptions.

We also had a pretty interesting experience of this!

Today we are going to delve deeper into the structure of perception.

== Wizard’s Secret #2 – Perceptions are Symbolic & Perceptions occur in Levels ===

Let me explain….

iphone-410311_640Our first level ‘mapping’ occurs when we link something on the outside with something on the inside. For example, you are looking at your phone/computer.

The light is being emitted from the screen, being filtered by the receptors in your eyes, and converted into electrical and chemical ‘information’. This information then gets put back together in your mind into what you are perceiving as a phone/computer.

This is a Perceptual Map – What you are perceiving right now is a symbol. 

A simplified perceptual symbol representing the computer/phone that exists in the ‘outside world’. Just a map.

=== Close your eyes, for just a minute, and picture the device you are reading this on ===

tablet-phone-computer313002_640That image in your head is just a symbol! A symbol that represents the thing in the ‘outside world’!

That is a Representational Map.

Let’s take this up one more level… 

When we say the word ‘computer’ or ‘phone’, those words are also symbolic. They are artificial sounds created by us to symbolically represent the things and experiences of the world.

That is a Linguistic Map.

And one more level?

What do you believe about phones/computers? Do you love them or do you hate them?

That would be a Evaluative/Conceptual Map about the things in the world that we refer to as phones or computers.

Knowing that our mental maps of the world are symbolic, frees the Master of Perception even more. Because knowing our perceptions are symbolic allows one to begin to recognize the structure of the magic of perception.



Symbols often accurately represent what they are referring to… but they ALWAYS have boundaries where they don't apply.  

If I told my friend Daniella that she is like my mother — it may be accurate in that she is caring and compassionate — but inaccurate in that Daniella is taller, younger, has a different job, etc.

Think of a metaphor/simile for your life/business/relationships/etc… "My life is like…", "My business is…"

You have just elicited or created a high level map. Take a few moments to answer the following questions for an opportunity to explore/shift your internal world…

What are the boundaries of that map? Where does it NOT fit? Do you like that metaphorical map? What metaphor would be even more life enhancing?  


When you create a more resourceful map you are already on your way to Secret #3.

To loosening the grip of 'reality',

Jason Schneider

Founder of the Perception Academy

PS Tomorrow is where the rubber hits the road (Did you recognize the metaphor?)... Stay tuned for Wizards Secret #3.

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