Secret #3: Recognize Yourself as a Meaning-Maker

brain-544403_640Welcome to Day 3 of the Secrets of a Perception Wizard Course.

Secrets 1 & 2 have set the stage for what we are going to learn today.

So without further adieu..

== Secret #3 – The Perception Wizard recognizes his/herself as a Meaning Maker ===

Let me begin by defining the word ‘Meaning’. For our intent and purpose here, I am using the word to represent anything that you ‘hold in mind’.

What you hold in mind about something is what it means to you.

Memories, imaginations, beliefs, thoughts, decisions, intentions, perceptions, symbols…

All of these things are ‘held in your mind’. They are all meanings.

And ‘Meaning’ does not exist in the outside world. You can not trip over a pile of meaning. You can not put meaning in your handbag. You can not find an old meaning in your closet.

Meaning can only exist within a mind-body system.

Now here is where we get into the core of this secret…

=== If all of these things are in your mind… Whose are they? ===

Yours of course!

So what does it mean when you, for example, get stuck in traffic?

trafficDoes it mean that you are going to lose you job?

Does it mean that you are going to be late?

Does it mean that you have more time to enjoy the radio?

Does it mean time alone to enjoy your thoughts?

Does it mean that you are being re-directed to an even more amazing path in life than you ever expected?

Notice the different realities each of these frames of mind would put you in!

True Perception Wizards take ownership all of their thoughts at all levels (We will learn how to do this in a few days in Secret # 5).

As a meaning maker, you are free to construct meaning at will – shifting, bending and sometimes even transforming realities through the power of language.

If they are YOUR thoughts… YOUR maps… then YOU can make more maps! 

Newer maps, more refined maps, maps that discount our old unresourceful maps, and maps that enhance those maps that serve us!

And tomorrow we will learn to do just that.

We will begin to take ownership over our meaning making powers and put this knowledge to practice.



Step into the identity of you being a master of perception… a meaning maker!

Write a short post with a list of 3 of the most powerful things that this would mean for you to have this identity in your life, your work, and/or in your relationships. Also make a list of 3 of the most empowering beliefs that support you in having this identity. 

Share what you come up with below!


To ownership of your meaning making powers,

Jason Schneider

Founder of the Perception Academy

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