Secret #1: Perception Wizards Recognize that the Map is not the Territory

zelda-396582_640Welcome to Day 1 of the Secrets of a Perception Wizard e-Course.

For secret #1 we should get clear on one thing first…

As human beings we MUST filter the world around us through our sense receptors.

Our eyes only pick up a certain portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Anything outside of that range doesn’t get mapped in our nervous system. With infrared and ultraviolet cameras we are able to see entire spectrums of the universe that with just our eyes we would not even know they exist.

There are sounds around you right now that bats, dolphins, and dogs can hear that are completely deleted out of your experience because of the limits of your nervous system. The same goes with the sensitivity of your touch receptors on your skin.

vintage radioAnd if you had a radio on the table out in front of you, turned it on, and spun through the stations you would hear just a tiny portion of the information that is all around you, right now, that gets completely filtered out of your perception by the limits of your neurology.

How amazing!

And that’s just our neurological filtering. The information that does get mapped we filter even further – through our memories, knowledge, beliefs, intentions, etc.

As we filter the information from the outside world we end up with our internal maps of the world… much like the one you are experiencing right now.

This means that what you are seeing right now, what you are hearing right now, what you are feeling and smelling and tasting are NOT objectively ‘real’. They are only real to YOU inside of your present reality — they are your perception — a filtered down model of reality.

globe-691770_640Realizing this, that the map is not the territory, is the first step in becoming a Master of Perception.

This realization loosens the perceived solidity of our ‘reality’, and frees us to transform subjective realities and perform perception magic.

Take a few moments right now to experience this: that what you are seeing and hearing is just a filtered down ‘model’ of the world — it is NOT objective reality – and to really feel the truth in this.

When you do you will be touching the fabric of your reality – and stretching towards the edge of your subjective map.



Take some extra effort today to be aware of your thoughts. Recognize that when you are feeling less-than-resourceful — there is someone in the world who is highly resourceful in that context, maybe even YOU under different circumstances!

The real problem is never the situation, nor is the problem you. The only difference between you and someone who handles it effectively is the way that you have mapped things in your mind.

Change the maps and change the experience.


In secret #2 we will go over the core secret of how Perception Magic works, and will be exactly what you need to know to be able to shift your mental maps at will.

To higher awareness of your mental maps,
Jason Schneider
Founder of the Perception Academy

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