Secret #6: Higher Governs Lower

Welcome to Day 6 of the Secrets of a Perception Wizard course.

In the previous lessons we brought our awareness to the fact that we symbolically map the ‘outside world’ to create our ‘inside world’. We create ‘Internal Representations’ of the outside world.

But the process does not stop there.

Every time we think about our thoughts we generate meaning at a higher level….

To summarize: In the beginning our thoughts refer to something in the outside world. But then we reflect on our thoughts. We reflect on our thoughts about our thoughts… and our thoughts about our thoughts about our thoughts…

The process can potentially go on forever.

And here is where the secret comes to play…

=== Secret #6 – Higher governs lower ===

The Perception Wizard is aware that they can ALWAYS think again about their thoughts!

In being able to apply this secret, one is able to transcend any thought at a moment’s notice.

You can transcend un-resourceful thoughts and break free of limiting perspectives, as well as transcend resourceful thoughts and make them even more powerful.

As we say in the field of Neuro-Semantics, “You are always just one step away from change.”

Let me give you an example…

Think for a moment about someone doing an ‘Affirmation’.

You know, where someone repeats something to themselves over and over hoping it will sink in…

You can stand in front of the mirror all day saying “I am abundant!”, but if the thought about that thought (in the back of your mind) is something like, “That’s not true”…

What do you expect the result to be?

Not very successful!

Higher thoughts govern lower thoughts.

Applying this secret, the master of perception knows that they can transcend any thought, and so doesn’t skip a beat…

It may go something like this: “I am abundant” — > thought about the thought: “That’s not true”— > THIS IS WHERE THE MASTER OF PERCEPTION STEPS UP —> thought about that thought: “What a silly thought that is (that is isn’t true), what about my abundance of health?!”

They could even transcend that thought to reinforce it one more level… “My abundance of health is just one of the things I am abundant in!”

And one more time?

“I love that thought about my abundance of health being one of many expressions of my abundance”

Do you see the magic of ‘going meta’? The power of transcendence?

Higher thoughts govern lower thoughts and the master of perception is aware and able to step back & transcend the highest level in a single bound… while in communication with others, as well as within their own head!


Exercise: Begin to turn up your awareness of the thoughts 'in the back of your mind'. The 'thoughts about your thoughts'. These are the key to true influence and transformation.
Remember, you can psychologically 'step back'… at any level… and ask yourself "Does this serve me?". Or just think about your thought, "This doesn't serve me!" and think again!

The thought about the thought is always more powerful than the thought itself… all the way up.

To your highest and best,
Jason Schneider
Founder of the Perception Academy

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