Secret #7: Meaning is Cultural

Congratulations on making it through this e-course!

Not everyone has the commitment, passion, and internal motivation to do this and so you are an extraordinary specimen.

If there is one thing I want you to take away from this course, it is that… You are extremely powerful!

Your beliefs, thoughts, meanings, frames of mind, intentions, etc. are the ONLY determining factor that governs your emotions and behaviors. They ARE your experience. And they are YOURS to create and recreate!

Now for our last secret we will talk about the effect of this socially…

Because we do not live in a bubble. We communicate with each other and meanings get passed around left and right!

=== Secret #7 – Meaning is Cultural ===

The Master of Perception knows that with great power comes great responsibility because you not only create meanings for yourself individually, you also do so between yourself and others socially.

Powerful stuff…

Most people move through the world with the frames of meaning given to them by their parents, their culture, the TV, the radio, their teachers & friends growing up, their religious institutions, their social circles, etc.

Have you ever heard the saying, “You become on average the 5 people you spend the most time with?”

The Perception Wizard recognizes ‘meaning’ for what it is — a human and social construct — and is therefore able to transcend culture and even to influence and alter culture from within.

They are a cultural meaning maker! How about that for an empowering frame of identity!

They are aware that they were born into a ‘matrix’ – and are able to both live in the culture, as well as to step out of the culture when necessary.

They recognize that just because an idea is ‘normal’ or ‘accepted’ in their ‘community’ does not make it healthy or resourceful.

And they also know that they are only one thought/one communication away from shifting cultural frames that are not aligned with who they are or who they want to become.


Exercise: For today's exercise I want you to reflect upon the following questions:
Do the cultures you live in bring our your highest and best? Would would a culture where people facilitate each other to bring out their highest and best look like? What would it be like to live in one of these cultures? And what would the world look like if we had a global culture that cultivated excellence?

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