I find that learning with Jason does not only enhance my personal life, but also my professional life as a coach. When learning with Jason, time does not exist, not only because the material is so interesting, but because of how Jason teaches. Pure entertainment!

Estee Levinson
Founder of Personal Enrichment Coaching

I spent 11 days on one-to-one training with Jason. It was tough, intense, arduous and completely worth it! Jason knows his subject inside out. NLP is a complex subject and it is a joy to work with someone who can respond to your every query. His interest in the subject is amazing. Jason is good at finding the balance in momentum so that I could absorb the information and training that worked best for my pace. One-to-one training is a very efficient use of time and it allows for a dialogue that enables a higher quality of understanding. I definitely recommend it!

James Mulhall

Just finished a coaching session with Jason -- wow. This guy really knows his stuff, and makes great use of our session time. For some context, I myself am a coach, and have more than 1,000 one-to-one paid client sessions under my belt. This one session with Jason Schneider (with him as the coach) is going to benefit me for the next 1,000 sessions with my clients. No doubt I will be hiring him for more work together. If you'd like to be more effective for your clients, try out a session with Jason Schneider.

George Kao
Authentic Business Coach

Jason is a Great Coach. He certainly knows NLP better than anyone. With only few great questions he made me aware about habits and patterns that don't serve me anymore in my life. He helped me shift my awareness to what would be most beneficial. I am very grateful and would highly recommend him. He is a great deal and made me laugh as well.

Eric Bensoussan
Transformational Divorce Coach

One of the best decisions I ever made was getting my Master Certification in NLP from Jason Schneider. Jason's understanding and personal integration of NLP and Neuro-Semantics is astounding. This is matched by his ability to pass on his in depth knowledge through his training. I can't recommend Jason enough. He was worth every penny I spent!

Daryl Carlson

I did a session with Jason and it was amazing!!! I was scared of snorkeling, the feeling of claustrophobia from that one time I did it 10 years ago. After my session with Jason my anxiety level was drastically reduced. I did go snorkeling again 2 days later and I was much less anxious and actually enjoyed it =)

Angela Garcia

Jason has in depth knowledge in NLP and true passion to share it. I frequently consult him professionally and find a great value in it. He is the best NLP trainer I know in South Florida, I highly recommend his services.

Banu Hantal
Leadership Psychologist & Executive Coach

What a joy to work with Jason! He used his NLP expertise to help me move forward in my coaching business, and I'm grateful! Jason is insightful and has a great sense of humor. I'd definitely hire him again!

Rochelle Melander
Author & Book Coach

As service providers, coaches, healers, etc. we are often more skillful at helping others sort out their stuff than we are able to do it for ourselves. Jason is an NLP Master Extraordinaire, and he helped me sort out a nagging internal conflict I'd been having, that was significantly impacting my relating skills. He is awesome at what he does, and I had a HUGE breakthrough in a short time. That single breakthrough was also a domino leading to other big breakthroughs in the time since our session. Jason rocks, and I highly recommend reaching out to him for expert assistance in refining your skills.

Christine Renner
Christine Renner Coaching

Working with Jason is an inspiring learning experience, that is helping me feel confirmed around my stronger skills, while knowing precisely how to move further, into greater levels of excellence.

His ability to perceive, in a fine tuned systemic way, the whole of what happens during my mentoring and healing sessions, showing me where I excel, and pinpointing where I can enhance the effectiveness of my work with clients, has surprised and delighted me.

Ruth Toledo Altschuler

If you don't know Jason Schneider I recommend spending some time with him. Like a perfect combination between Yoda and The Dude, his relaxed, chill demeanor is deceiving when you learn how skilled he is as an NLP master.

Jason Stein
Business Coach at

Jason is a true master of NLP. He brings a lightness and ease to his work. He has keen insight and an ability to mirror back the essence of what you are saying that leaves you feeling deeply heard and receptive to new insight. I highly recommend his coaching to anyone wanting a breakthrough.

Michelle Olsen
Career Purpose Coach at Green Light Coaching

This training has over passed my expectations, providing me with higher insights to better my personal life and my professional life.  It has taken my understanding to the next meta-level.  Truly value and appreciate his way of training.

Salvador Mora
Director of Soy Familia, Inc.

Studying with Jason was an incredible experience. He is a very resourceful, positive and systematic person, which makes him a good professional. I highly recommend him.

Gergana Branzova
Owner/CEO at GetBetter Coaching

I am happy to recommend Jason's services. As a mentor for professionals, I have referred him clients. Every client I have referred has reported great results. He is responsive and compassionate. I am so happy I have found him.

Dianne Allen
Founder at

If there was one thing I had to pick that you did best it was to open my eyes to new insights about myself and the material. Actually, after every session we have had I have come away totally impressed and blown away. I could not be happier or more satisfied with working with you.

Alan Ross
Founder of FeelBetter Coaching

Working with Jason has been very enlightening and supportive. He seems to know NLP deeply and his passion and enthusiasm shine through all his work. I highly recommend working with Jason Schneider!

Michelle Spurling
Practitioner at

As a pastor and counselor this course sharpened my skills and widened my perspective as a people helper, pastor, and coach. Can't wait to take the next course!

Ken Wilbur

My purpose of NLP Training was personal growth and better interpersonal relationships.

Even though  the shifts would be helpful in mediation, my intention was to see if these skills would be helpful in developing a successful interpersonal relationship.

The techniques taught were insightful and practical to ensure the greatest possible growth in a short period of three days.  The workshop opened the door but I needed to walk through it.  Thanks for helping to start the journey to personal growth.

William Yaremchuk
Mediator & PhD Communication Studies

I come from a coaching background having completed the Robbins Madanes Training and this course increased my knowledge base and increased the quantity and quality of my tools and skills needed for communicating better with people in my life and my clients.  This course enriched and enhanced my life in more ways than I can describe, especially now when I need to help myself with what Im going through currently.

Estee Levinson
Founder of Personal Enrichment Coaching

First a huge thank you for an amazing journey, you took me to my inner mind.  It was more than beyond my expectations and I'm so glad I took this adventure as I feel today much more aware and alight.  For the first time I was able to take a deep look into my inner mind and have learned how easy it is to just decide to be in a different state.  I have gained strength to do things that I thought impossible.

Ronit Daniel
NLP Practitioner

Jason from Perception Academy is a true master in his work. His approach is authentic, down to earth and transformational. I highly recommend him for anything NLP related!

Claire Shamilla
Founder, Energy Healer, and Hypnobirther at

It was really important for me to choose a trainer with deep understanding of the subject and I am very pleased.  You are excellent at what you do!!

Edgardo Ramirez
NLP Practitioner & Coach

Jason Schneider is an amazing communicator.  His charm coupled with his valuable NLP knowledge, and admirable life experience truly places Jason in an authentic position to help make a difference in people's lives.

Claudia Figueredo
Owner/President Action Public Relations & NLP Practitioner

Jason’s knowledge of the subject speaks volumes about his passion to make a significant impact in your learning experience.  Don’t dare miss out on this experience.

Daryl Wilder
NLP Master Practitioner

Working with Jason has been an incredible experience. He knows NLP inside and out and is a very skilled trainer and coach. I would highly recommend any of his services.

Aymara Camejo

Jason Schneider is definitely a subject matter expert. He is exceptionally talented at providing useful tools and techniques that I use in both my professional as well as my personal life.

Dave Alexander
Vice President of Corporate Finance

This is the most important program you can take.  This is controlling your mind and training yourself to become the person you want to be.

Alan Kopetman
High School Student

This training has given me the potential to better myself and great resources to help others. As a nurse it is extremely important to keep your patient engaged with good rapport and to improve the trust and connection between caregiver and patient.  I truly recommend this training for anyone and everyone.

Karoline Mion
Nurse Practitioner

“It is so much easier to see the shifts needed in others than to see it in oneself, even for a therapist. Jason’s gifts gave me the opportunity to see a different perspective with clarity so I could make the shifts needed to reach my personal goals.  I was able to set outcomes and ultimately make the necessary changes that has brought the magic back  into my life.”

Lisa Lemke
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I felt all of the skills can be applied to children up to the elderly.  The very specific exercises and strategies can even be applied while watching TV.

Anne Marcovich
RN-BSN & Mom

Jason is funny, charming, and effective. This training is jam packed with information and the skills have immediate impact.

Renee Santao
Director of Sustainable Building

Jason’s best skill is making complex learnings digestible.  My coaching has been taken to the next level and my personal development has been greatly enhanced.

Devin Burke
Health Coach & Founder of Renew Wellness Retreats

Jason is very skilled.  You want him to keep talking because everything he is saying is so enlightening!

Nicole Fernandez
NLP Master Practitioner

Well organized and Jason explains the concepts well with explanations.  I took away lots of useful concepts and was able to use them right away.

Judy Brown

I would explain this course as a HUGE eye opener.  It offers the tools that you will need to grow in all aspects of your life.  NLP is truly formatted for an easy learning flow. Overall the program was very impactful and I am going to live by the saying, “Whoever sets the frame runs the game”.

Emily Garcia
Social Worker

Awe inspiring and very powerful.  The patterns and strategies taught and demonstrated can be easily put into practice in your every day routines, your daily interactions with co-workers, friends and family.  You can easily engage any stranger in the grocery store or gym and know their communication style.  Very empowering.

Nancy Zapata

Jason was able to open my mind to new thoughts and ideas.  He has a knack for reading people via their body language and tone.  He is very knowledgable on the subject and interacts with his students very well.

Mitch Summer
Business Owner

This program has been very impactful for me.   I am so happy I gave myself the opportunity to enjoy this learning and find out different ways to improve my self, my family, my community, and to enjoy my life with more flexibility.

Ana Velez
President, AV Tax Services & EZ Way Driving School

Jason is an excellent trainer.  He walks the walk and thats always inspiring.

Maria Olmedo
NLP Master Practitioner & President, Glias of Love, Inc.

Thank you for a great learning experience. This helped me realize ways to better my understanding of people and situations, most importantly being more present & aware.

Samantha Scharf

Jason is very personable and makes everyone feel immediately comfortable which makes for very engaging groups.  Great stuff!

Alan McBreaty
Alpha Sun & Sports

I just can’t believe how that twenty minute conversation has been able to transform my relationship with myself. Something that I wasn’t able to achieve despite numerous self-help books, therapy, meditation and breathing techniques. It’s like magic. I can’t believe how easy it is for me now to truly love myself and care for myself and, like you said, to feel wonderful about it too. I am just so amazed by how powerful these techniques are. You were so effective and so good.

Roza Kazan
News Correspondent

I feel blessed for the opportunity to receive this information. An experience that has changed my life.

Arizhay Aburto
Life Coach, Singer, & Mother