The Relationship between Meta-Questions, Meta-Model & Milton-Model

1Since Neuro-Semantic NLP is a system, all of the parts should be connected by some sort of pattern. Well what is the pattern that connects the Meta-Model, Meta-Questions and the Milton Model?

I hope that this article helps shine some light on this question and sparks some conversation within our community. So let’s get down to business…


When you ask Meta-Model questions such as “When specifically” or “How specifically”, you are de-framing. In other words you are taking the frames given to you by a person, and asking questions of specificity to get down to their reference experience.

Meta-Model questions break down frames to go back ‘down’ to the primary level movie in the mind.


Meta-Questions are also questions, questions such as “What do you believe about X” or “What does X mean to you?”. Whereas Meta-Model questions tear frames apart, Meta-Questions are used tease out the higher frames of a person (level upon level) so you can discover, explore and model them. Meta-Questions bring the mind ‘up’ to the frames around that movie. Meta-Questions can also be used to ‘install’ frames.  For example the meta-question, “Are you surprised by your smart decision to learn Neuro-Semantics more deeply?”


And as for the Milton-Model? The milton model is primarily a tool to set frames. The Milton-Model can be expressed as questions or as statements, but using the Milton Model can be a powerful tool for setting frames and frames by implication (‘presuppositions’). Just like Meta-Questions the Milton-Model goes ‘up’, but instead of exploring the present state of the clients frames,  the Milton Model is used to ‘install’ frames and therefore induce states.


In short:
Meta-Model = Deframing
Meta-Questions = Eliciting Frames
Milton Model = Setting Frames

Well there you have it! Please leave your questions and comments below and I look forward to the discussion.

To higher levels of clarity,
Jason Schneider

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