what is a meta-question

What is a Meta-Question?

what is a meta-question

The Meta-States Model of Neuro-Semantics opened up the whole realm of questioning at meta-levels and so introduced the meta-questions.

Meta-questions are questions that allow us to peel back the curtain of somebody’s experience and see what is going on ‘behind the scenes’ that is driving their lower level states and behavior.

Meta-Questions are questions such as “What do you believe about X”, “What does X mean to you?” or “What do you value about X”, which when used effectively tease out the higher frames of a person (level upon level) so you can discover, explore and model them.

Rather than bringing the mind ‘down’ to their mental movie (as we do with the meta-model), Meta-Questions bring the mind ‘up’ to the frames around that movie and can also be used to ‘install’ frames (such as with the milton model.)

Meta questions have been around for a long time, however have been misunderstood…Here’s what they wrote in the first NLP book:

“When you ask questions like, ‘How do you feel about that?’ (Whatever ‘that’ might be) you are, in fact, asking your client for a fuller representation (than even Deep Structure) of your client’s experience of the world. And what you are doing by asking this particular question is asking for what you know is a necessary component of the client’s reference structure.” (The Structure of Magic, Vol. I, p. 160)

Actually, “How do you feel about that?” is a meta-question which takes us upward to the next higher logical level inasmuch as it asks about thoughts-and-feelings at the next highest level.

In terms of the Meta-States model, it elicits the person’s frame-of-reference and the semantic state that governs the experience. These are typically largely unconscious.

The power of meta-questions is that they allow us to enter into a person’s (including our own) matrix of frames of meaning, level upon level, and identify the full structure of a model of the world. Currently in Neuro-Semantics we have identified over 100 some terms and expressions that can be used as meta-questions.

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