What is Neuro-Semantic NLP?

frames-in-framesNeuro-Semantics is about meaning and meaningfulness (semantics) and how the meanings we create are NOT only at the level of representation as we make movies in our minds (NLP), but exists in all of the higher levels of frames (beliefs, thoughts, decisions, memories, etc.) about those movies. And in fact those higher level frames are much more important and powerful than primary level representations.

The movies + the meanings we set (semantics) create all of our emotions, skills, states, and abilities in our bodies (neurology).

We never just think or feel.  We think and feel about our thoughts and emotions and do so layer upon layer upon layer, thinking about our feelings, feeling about our feelings, etc.

Each layer creates another frame, and so creates our matrix of frames of meaning (See definitions below).  This is the construct of our inner world that comprises all of the Rules of the Games that we play in our actions, behaviors, and skills.

Neuro-Semantics works with the layering of our states (Meta-States) that create our Matrix of Frames (the Matrix model) and that leads to how we can actually close the gap between what we know and what we do.

Just like your fingers now know how to type without you even thinking about it anymore, Neuro-Semantics focuses on the synergy that results when we can translate the great ideas in our heads so that they are in our body.

As a model with many sub-models for making the structure of subjective experience explicit, the heart of Neuro-Semantics is modeling (see definition below) experiences of excellence and mastery.  This modeling process continues to enable us to create many models and patterns for replicating those highly desired experiences.

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