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Neuro-Semantics is first about performing your highest and best meanings. This means taking your highest values, intentions and beliefs and embodying them!

Secondly, Neuro-Semantics is about adding richer and more robust meanings to your performances. This means taking the everyday tasks of your life and making them more and more meaningful!

Thirdly, Neuro-Semantics is about transforming and upgrading the embodied meanings you are now performing but which do not enhance your life or facilitate your resourcefulness. This means transforming and upgrading the habits that are not aligned with your highest vision of yourself!

The Semantic part of Neuro-Semantics refer to our inner games. This is where we create our inner matrix of meaning frames, layers upon layers of meanings that define our inner world.

The Neurology part of Neuro-Semantics refers to our outer games. This is where we actualize our inner meanings. As meaning-makers, we first make meaning and then we perform that meaning in what we do.

All of this means that Neuro-Semantics is about unleashing our potentials by mobilizing our best resources. If you are interested in becoming more resourceful, running your own brain, taking charge of your own life, and actualizing all of your incredible latent potentials, you will find the models and patterns of Neuro-Semantics to be powerful tools and processes.

What is the Neuro-Semantics Community?

Neuro-Semantics has now spread into over 40 countries around the world as it has been inspiring people with a Vision about unleashing human potentials and modeling excellence.

First and foremost those who make up the Neuro-Semantic community apply to self. This comes before working with others. We first learn to access our own personal mastery states so we can walk our own talk.

Embodying our meanings empowers us to be congruent and authentic in working with others.

The inner games we create in our own mind and then facilitate as we take our performances to new levels of excellence and productivity in the outer game.

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Jason Schneider

Founder of the Perception Academy

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