Challenge: Define NLP & Neuro-Semantics in 17 syllables

Nlp haikuHave you have had a hard time explaining what NLP and/or Neuro-Semantics is?

Or maybe you’re here because you don’t even know in the first place!

If you are like me, you know that it can difficult to explain NLP & Neuro-Semantics to the uninitiated so I threw together a few NLP & Neuro-Semantics Haikus to stretch my brain and have a little fun.

Remember those? Those Japanese poems of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five syllables?

I hereby introduce you to the NLP & Neuro-Semantics Haiku Challenge! How well can you describe NLP and/or Neuro-Semantics in just 17 syllables?!


Excellence has a structure
we can replicate.


The Outside gets mapped within.
We can change that map.


NLP Update.
Neuro-Semantics models
Self-Reflexive thought.


We map our maps in layers,
Top governs bottom.


Stretch your mind a bit,
Share your best haiku below.
Let’s see what you’ve got!


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To your ever continuing growth,


Jason Schneider

Founder of the Perception Academy

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