What is NLP.. And What is “Thinking”?

L. Michael Hall Phd. & Jason Schneider

For a simple definition of NLP check out the Perception Academy Definition of NLP

nlp-representations-sphere-manRobert Dilts was commissioned to write the first scholarly book on NLP. He titled it, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Volume I: The Study of the Structure of Subjectivity.

This set forth NLP as a model, and the key features of the model.  NLP speaks about “thinking”– as the reproducing in the mind the sensory components of what we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch with our sense receptors. This is known as the Representational Systems, the VAK systems, and these stand for the way or the “modes” by which we represent information:

Visual (Eyes) – for the Pictures, Sights, Images

Auditory (Ears) – for the Sounds, noises, tones, volumes

Kinesthetic (skin/body) – for the sensations, touch, pressure, etc.

When we think about something, anything, we encode our “thoughts” using our “senses.” So we speak about our sensory systems or modalities. This makes our “thoughts” much more specific.

Think about your home or apartment. Got it?

What does it look like?

Sound like? Any noises or sounds associated in your picture?

What about smells?

No longer is “thinking” a mystical term, dazzling ordinary men and scientists alike.  We think using images, sounds, kinesthetic sensations, smells & tastes, how fantastic!  For many this will be a paradigm shift, or at least an ‘eye opener’.

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