Welcome! My name is Jason Schneider and I love to support people in enhancing their coaching, communication, personal growth and professional development with my authentic, systemic, & cutting-edge approach to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro-Semantics (NS).

Whether this is your first contact with NLP & Neuro-Semantics or you are highly experienced within the field - my Free Library and Paid resources are guaranteed to take your coaching, communication, and personal development skills to the next level.

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Who Am I...

Since 2010, I have been in the business of coaching and training people interested in Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Coaching to develop along their mastery pathway.

The values that inspire me are placing being before doing, people before processes, understanding before influence, experiential knowledge over conceptual knowledge, conscious-unconscious integration over unconscious installation, giving credit before taking credit, self-actualization over quick transformation, and applying to oneself before applying to others. Of course I encourage my audience to do the same.

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I Offer Most of My Training Content Free

A big reason why I do what I do is to serve 'the me of the past' along the 'mastery pathway' --- mastering oneself, mastering NLP, and mastering one's craft.

When I was starting out in this field all I had access to was a bunch of books.  A lot of the courses were inordinately expensive and it was hard for me to find a knowledge base of credible and ethical NLP material that I could trust.  It was even harder to find a solid support system & mentor.

PLUS, the real development comes from the experiential knowledge, skill building, and high quality feedback --- not the conceptual knowledge.

Because of that, I decided to offer a large wealth of my knowledge absolutely free, in the hopes it will fast track your personal journey with NLP & Neuro-Semantics in a way that I never had available to me and free you up to focus on the important things - practice and experience.

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Jason Schneider

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