Nlp haiku

Challenge: Define NLP & Neuro-Semantics in 17 syllables

Have you have had a hard time explaining what NLP and/or Neuro-Semantics is? Or maybe you’re here because you don’t even know in the first place! If you are like me, you know that it can difficult to explain NLP & Neuro-Semantics to the uninitiated so I threw together a few NLP & Neuro-Semantics Haikus to…

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How I Cureda MigraineThrough Text

How I Cured a Migraine through Text

<FREE DOWNLOAD BELOW> Is it possible to cure someone’s migraine just through text messaging with them? Hopefully these screenshots from my phone are going to  clear this up for good.  While you are reading this today don’t worry so much about why I say what I say or how it works, just enjoy the conversation. Do…

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Justin Bieber

How to Build Rapport Authentically – with Verbal Matching

So I was reflecting back on a conversation I had the other day. The other person said to me “I don’t like to drink alcohol often”. My genuine reply was “I don’t like to drink alcohol often either”.  I noticed the increase in rapport from this mini-interaction. But what if this person would have said…

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The Relationship between Meta-Questions, Meta-Model & Milton-Model

Since Neuro-Semantic NLP is a system, all of the parts should be connected by some sort of pattern. Well what is the pattern that connects the Meta-Model, Meta-Questions and the Milton Model? I hope that this article helps shine some light on this question and sparks some conversation within our community. So lets get down…

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Einstein and ‘Psychology’ – Part II

Click the following link for Part I: Einstein and ‘Psychology’ in 7 Powerful Sentences As we have seen from the previous article, there is no such thing as a free floating human thought without a body. This means that every ‘thought’ we think is embodied! What kind of thoughts are you embodying? How are your thoughts/beliefs…

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Einstein-quote-fish-genius-perception mastery

Einstein and ‘Psychology’ in 7 Powerful Sentences

When Albert Einstein proposed that there was no separation between ‘space’ and ‘time’ and instead formulated things in terms of space-time, it revolutionized the world of physics and opened the path for massive innovations in our understandings of the universe. Well it is important to recognize that that same principle applies to the ‘mind’ and…

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A NLP Thought Experiment for You

-L. Michael Hall. Ph.D., Bobby G. Bodenhamer, D. Min., Jason R. Schneider Here’s a “Thought Experiment”  from the book, User’s Manual for the Brain, written by Michael Hall & Bob Bodenhamer. Try it out. Have you ever experienced anything that you would call “pleasant?” Recall a pleasant experience from your past. As various things may pop into your…

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What is NLP.. And What is “Thinking”?

L. Michael Hall Phd. & Jason Schneider For a simple definition of NLP see our FAQ at: Robert Dilts was commissioned to write the first scholarly book on NLP. He titled it, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Volume I: The Study of the Structure of Subjectivity. This set forth NLP as a model, and the key features of the model.…

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nlp model communication brain lobes

How was NLP Created?

L. Michael Hall Ph.d, Jason Schneider The Founders NLP was created in the early 1970s in America, specifically in California. Richard Bandler (the student) and Dr. John Grinder (the professor) teamed up to see if they could figure out (or model) the magic of these therapeutic wizards. So there on the campus of the University…

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The Neuro-Semantics Vision & Mission

By L. Michael Hall, Ph.D., Co-Founder of Neuro-Semantics The Vision & Mission of Neuro-Semantics  Neuro-Semantics set out on a mission in 1994 to take NLP to a higher level, ethically and Professionally. Membership in the ISNS (International Society of Neuro-Semantics) is dependent upon sharing the Vision, Mission, and code of ethics (values). ISNS is the…

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